Clinical Depression - Visitor Comments

Someone is winning the battle right now

Even as you read this someone in the next street, the next town or a half way around the world is beating depression. Thousands upon thousands of people letting go and becoming free. You could be next.

Today is the day you take the first step on our Learning Path or using our powerful depression-beating program.

We only ask one thing - that you come back and tell us about it... just like these people told us about the Depression Learning Path.


This has been a truly enlightening experience for me.

I have had bouts of depression for 50 years and this is the first time I have seen light at the proverbial 'end of the tunnel'


Thank you all for saving my life and giving me the skills to truely love my life - for the 1st time in my life

After going through the last session and the conclusion I feel a little... pensive... but as you say I can always re-visit the whole course again


I have been able to think clearly for the first time in many years, my life has changed and continues to change every week.

I have so many of your downloads and my life has changed remarkably over the past two years and I attribute these changes to your work for which I thank you and will be eternally grateful.


You have to understand that changing the way you think and do things takes time...but I MADE IT!!

I am a 47-year-old man and live in Colombia, South America. The third of four siblings, I was raised in a family where Mom and Dad fought constantly...


I just want to tell you how valuable this course has been for me

I just want to tell you how valuable this course has been for me.


The Learning Path...has really opened my eyes to the possibility that I can overcome this

I want to start by saying thank you. I am an avid reader and completed the Learning Path within a couple of hours. In those two hours...


I firmly believe that you have created an information resource that will stop people taking their lives in a bid to escape their depression cycle

Having suffered from depression over the last few years, I have been searching the internet for suitable, accurate and helpful information to try...


"It's just wonderful to love life again"

I am a sufferer of depression but since last October I have been just wonderful, in great form and taking a new interest in everything around me.


"I now feel I have a real positive tool to help myself and others too."

After reading the section on depression and self-help techniques, I now feel I have a real positive tool to help myself and others too.


"I feel very hopeful thinking about the future"

You have probably saved a life and keep doing what you are doing. It's obviously working.