About Clinical-Depression.co.uk

Clinical-Depression.co.uk is published by Uncommon Knowledge Ltd, a UK-based company dedicated to spreading reliable, helpful and easy-to-absorb information on the most common psychological difficulties faced today and mental health in general. We are a team of therapists, psychologists and trainers. We provide professional psychotherapy and self-improvement courses.

It is a sad fact that the incidence of psychological problems is increasing while the amount of useful information seems more and more difficult to find.

There is much information out there which would be of help to sufferers but it is rarely presented in an easily understood and absorbed way.

Through our training, publications and websites, Uncommon Knowledge aim to provide those who need it most with the necessary resources to be informed buyers of relevant help, or to help themselves.


Our thanks go first to our friend Michael McLean, for a tireless and inspired piece of work in organizing the information for this site. If it wasn't for you Michael, it would never have happened.

Then to the Human Givens Institute, and particularly Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell. Joe who made the link between dreaming and depression, and in doing so did a huge service to psychology and depressed people the world over. And Ivan, without whom the invaluable work of the HGI would never have taken place.

And finally, though not least, to the hundreds of people who, though suffering from depression, have taken the time to let us know how much the Depression Learning Path has helped them. There is no better motivation.