Clinical Depression Quiz


Use Our Quick Clinical Depression Quiz to Test Your Depression Knowledge.

The first step to beating depression is understanding how it works. Our Depression Quiz will show you what you know, and may just surprise you with some recent discoveries about how depression works.

Start the quiz by filling in your answers below...


1) Which of the following can be signs of depression?

Choose all you think are correct...

  • Exhaustion on waking
  • Disrupted sleep, sometimes through upsetting dreams
  • Early morning waking and difficulty getting back to sleep
  • Doing less of what you used to enjoy
  • Difficulty concentrating during the day
  • Improved energy as the day goes on
  • Becoming emotional or upset for no particular reason
  • Shortness of temper, or irritability

2) Most depression is due to a chemical imbalance, or genetic factors.

  • True
  • False

3) Which of the following are changes in society that have occurred since the end of World War II, and may account for the huge increases in clinical depression?

Choose all you think are correct...

  • A breakdown in the extended family
  • A dispersal of communities leading to less support
  • An increased focus on material wealth
  • An overwhelming prevalence of news media
  • An increased focus on 'the self' over the wider community

4) Why are you likely to wake up in the morning feeling exhausted if you are depressed?

Choose all you think are correct...

  • Because you aren’t getting enough exercise
  • Because you spend too much time in REM sleep due to over-dreaming at night

Why can ‘all-or-nothing’ thinking be one of the causes of depression?

Choose all you think are correct...

  • Because it causes emotional arousal, which makes your brain stressed, adding to the cycle of depression
  • Because it stops you problem-solving effectively, and so adds to any pressure you feel from life’s difficulties