I am still amazed at how far I have come in the last four months.

Ariana Spillane"2016 was a rough year for me. Beginning in 2014, I was faced with stress due to many circumstances in my life (family issues, job challenges, parents’ deaths and more) and after two years of relentless challenges with no support, I was at my ultimate depth of despair/depression when I turned to your program in late July this year. 
Desperate for relief from the emotional heaviness, bleak outlook, loss of interest in joy, unrelenting fatigue and hopelessness that I felt, I immediately began to faithfully follow the weekly sessions.
I am still amazed at how far I have come in the last four months.  The darkness has lifted and I have hope for my future, have implemented boundaries, know that I have the power to make choices and I practice self-care on a regular basis.  When I feel myself starting to slip into pity, I can access the most applicable lesson for a “tune up”. 
In the future, should I be faced with challenging issues that threaten to unsettle me emotionally, I have the tools to steady my emotions and correct my perspective.  I am confident that I will not succumb to depression again.
Thank you, thank you, thank you."

This story came from Ariana Spillane, USA

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