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  1. A word from Mark
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A word from Mark...

Hi, I'm Mark Tyrrell. I'm not the sole creator of the Uncommon Knowledge Natural Depression Treatment Program, but it's my voice that will be guiding you through it – in this ebook and the accompanying audio sessions.

Now, I don't want to get off on the wrong foot. After all, you hardly know me yet! However, there are some terribly important things I must say to you before you start this Program.


  • This Program is not short.
  • This Program is not a 'quick fix'.
  • This Program is not so easy that you will 'get' it all first time round.

But then, when did you last learn something that profoundly changed your life? I'm willing to bet that, whatever it was, you did not learn it overnight.

Most really worthwhile things take time and effort to master. You may need to read things more than once to understand them fully. You may need to do certain practical exercises, or spend time thinking it all over, before you really 'get' the significance of what you are learning here.

And sometimes things that you thought were 'obvious' will take on a whole new perspective only when you have absorbed important related information. Guy Claxton, in his book 'Wise Up', says that our idea that learning ought to be fast comes from the memorization culture of our educational institutions. But, in fact, true life learning often takes time, and a variety of experiences and practical applications, before it really 'sinks in'.

The Uncommon Knowledge Natural Depression Treatment Program will deliver just that – true life learning. My goal is not just to lift your depression (though I'm sure you'll be delighted to feel so much better). My goal is for you to defeat your depression for good. Yes – for good!

So I want you to treat this Program as a very serious project over the coming weeks and months. I want you to be confident, 100% confident, that you know exactly

  • why your depression has finally lifted, and
  • how you are going live the rest of your life depression-free.

We have used the techniques you will learn here with thousands of depressed people. The commonest feedback we get from all these people who are now feeling so much better is that "this is the only treatment that has made sense to me!"

So I think I'm justified in saying that you can have complete confidence that it is really worth your while investing time in this Program.

And if at any stage you start to feel pessimistic about it (and with depression, that's quite likely), put it down, take a break, and then come back to it later with renewed determination to get rid of the life-sapping, relationship-ruining, happiness-destroying parasite that is depression.

Thanks for reading this. I hope you will take my advice to heart and get the very most from this proven program – for yourself and for all those around you.

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How to use this Program

This Program is going to make a huge difference to your life.

While you might be feeling bad at the moment, our shared goal is to

  • get you feeling better quickly and
  • teach you the skills you need to conquer depression once and for all so you can finally enjoy life to the full.

Life events

Life is full of surprises, and they’re not all good.

Many people, particularly in more trying times, experience the distressing symptoms of depression. But it is possible for people to come through the challenges, frustrations and setbacks of life without becoming depressed… when they know how.

On this Program you are going to learn the specific skills that will help you both combat depression and safeguard yourself from it in future. The strategies and techniques presented in this Program will show you how to break the pattern of depression once and for all.

Understanding depression

People who are depressed often find it hard to get motivated – personally or professionally.

They often don’t eat properly or socialize much. Their lives can get so disorganized that their home and work spaces end up in total (disheartening) disarray.

This Program will provide you with effective skills for sorting everything out, showing you exactly how to plan ahead and to start enjoying once again the things you used to find pleasure in.

Dealing with exhaustion and anxiety

Did you know that exhaustion and anxiety actually keep depression going? Throughout this Program, we will help you combat these catalysts for depression with restful, relaxing audio downloads ("Relaxed Reviews") matched to each session.

These vital downloads will ‘retrain your brain’ so you begin to feel different at the same time as you start to think differently – creating a true win-win situation for you!

Of course, not every word that follows will apply to your specific situation, but, if you’ve been depressed, you will find that much of it will. And even if some information doesn’t apply to you personally, it may still help you better understand the behavior of other people.

Give it time

Please take plenty of time to really absorb what’s in this Program. Don’t skim-read – it’s just too important! You owe it to yourself to make sure you fully grasp all the information as we go along. If at any time you are finding it hard to concentrate and take things in, take a break and listen to one of the audio sessions.

Features to look out for

Now, before we begin, allow me to introduce a few of the characters and features of the Uncommon Knowledge Natural Depression Treatment Program.

Relaxed Reviews

Every time you see the headphones icon, you’ll find a Relaxed Review for you to listen to.

Relaxed Reviews revisit the important points from the previous session in a way that makes it easier for your mind to absorb. In these reviews, I talk to you about these points for about 20 minutes in a calming way that allows your brain some recovery time from the rigors of depression, and help you learn in an enjoyable and effortless way.

Ideally, complete your study of each session before listening to the associated Relaxed Review, but if you are feeling particularly low or lacking in energy, you can always listen to the Relaxed Review first, to give you the energy you need to progress with the Program.

Keeping notes

As you progress through the Program, I will ask you to keep notes. Please get yourself a suitable notebook or create a document on your computer to use for this purpose.


I'll refer to this as your Progress Notebook.



Your enemy and mine – it’s Depresso (a.k.a. Depression)!

Now this might seem a little silly, but there’s a good reason for it! Bear with me. This is Depresso…

I’ve created this character to represent depression because, when you are taking steps to get rid of depression, it is vital that you can separate the things that depression is telling you from the things you are thinking yourself.

Of course, depression isn’t actually a ‘thing’, but it makes you think and feel so differently from normal that it is extremely useful to see it as something quite separate from you.

You can easily spot Depresso at work in your mind. He will say things like:

and other things like:

  • “This always happens to me!”
  • “Who’d ever want to talk/be with someone like me?”
  • “I’ve never been any good!”
  • “There’s just no solution to this problem!”
  • “I just can’t get over the past!”
  • “Everything is ruined!”
  • “There’s really no hope/future!”
  • “Something bad is about to happen, I can just tell!”
  • “Nothing good has ever happened to me!”
  • “What’s the point?”

As you follow this Program, you are going to become expert at ignoring Depresso, training him to behave and not poke his nose in all the time. He talks in absolutes – nothing, always, never, and so on. He has a very narrow view of the world, and can’t see the bigger picture, or the shades of gray in life. He’s a bit of a simpleton too, and not too great at picking up subtle stuff.

Basically… Depresso rains on your parade!

The answer to Depresso – Clarity!

Of course, we’re not going to let Depresso get away with his paralyzing tricks. This is Clarity…

Every time Depresso comes out with one of his gloomy and predictable downers, Clarity will pull him up short and put him right. You’ll find her input insightful, practical, cheerful and realistic.

Your depression log

Keeping a diary of depression might sound, well… kinda depressing!

However, I’m not talking about the usual diary. This one will take just 30 seconds of your time a day!

Each day, you will rate how you feel with respect to your depression symptoms, on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 represents the worst day you’ve ever had, and 10 represents the very best day you can imagine.

You can start this right now.

You can put the number for today’s rating in your normal diary, if you keep one, or just use a sheet of paper if you like. Or get a calendar and use that. Simply write today’s date and put the number that reflects how you feel next to it.

Why am I asking you to do this?

Because depression makes you think in extreme ‘all-or-nothing’ terms, and then believe those thoughts. Often, when I ask a depressed client how their week was, they will say something like, “Just awful!

And if I ask, “What, all of the week was awful?” I get “Yes, all of it!

Then later in the session it comes out that actually a couple of the days were quite good. But Depresso had them locked in his tight grip, making them think in that damaging ‘all-or-nothing’ way!

Grading your days, every day, from 1-10 will help you defeat Depresso, who absolutely hates flexible thinking!

It will also stop depression from fooling you by altering your thought patterns. You will have a record.

While you’re doing this course, take a few seconds each night before going to bed to ‘grade’ your day. This will give you an important sense of your progress and improvement. And it will help you take back control from Depresso with his extreme black-and-white thinking.

Action time

When you see this green traffic light in the Program you know it is time to do something.

Depression will not go away just because you have read or listened to this Program.

To beat depression for good, you have to ACT!

These action points range from writing something in your notebook to doing something in the ‘real world’.

Please do them – your success in beating depression depends on it.

Aha, our first visit from Depresso! Let’s see what Clarity has to say to that!

Move on to Session 1 – Understanding Depression