"I feel very hopeful thinking about the future"

Hey guys. I just wanted to thank you for the incredible effort you put into your concise and highly effective depression program. I have to say though, at first, the amount of information was rather overwhelming but I guess that is to be expected when first encountering it in a depressed state. I had been on and off depressed from my early teens (now 23) and therefore tried all sorts of different products to combat this debilitating condition. It's now until now, having been balanced emotionally for several months, that I see how damaging it is for living a normal life. I mean, the width of what it negatively influences is staggering. After a while it struck me how organized and clear the program truly is.

Looking back, it was really interesting to find out what really was the content of my mind. Still is. As each day passed, it become more and more clear which part of the program I needed to focus on. I found out it was a matter of responsibility. For many years I thought the problem was that I was lazy and not taking enough responsibility for my life and what was happening in the world. What I'm beginning to realize is that if I become fairer in the way I asses my own share of blame or responsibility in different matters and situations, I become much more able to help others and myself. Another overwhelming realization which comes with healthier self-esteem is looking back at how incredibly mean one can be to oneself. It feels unreal. It was totally unjustified close to 100% of the time. I feel very hopeful thinking about the future. You guys have inspired me. I've gone back to university to study psychology. We'll see how it goes but I want to help others and increase their quality of life like mine has been. By the way, my shyness has also gone away!! I just wanted to let you know that you have probably saved a life and keep doing what you are doing. It's obviously working. And I hope that the word gets out there about this program so that people doesn't need to suffer needlessly. I wish you all the best.

This story came from Jon, Oslo, Norway

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