Thank you all for saving my life and giving me the skills to truely love my life - for the 1st time in my life

After going through the last session and the conclusion I feel a little... pensive... but as you say I can always re-visit the whole course again :-)

I think I can sum up what you and your excellent team have given me quite openly and totally honestly. September 2014 - I was in the depths of depression (the worst I had experienced in my 27 or so years of intermittent bouts of it) but this time my anxiety levels went through the roof - family stuff going haywire - empty nest *syndrome* - work worries - general health concerns - I felt like a sponge and unable to absorb anymore hassle.

By June 2015 I'm ashamed to say I was actively looking into ways of killing myself - and praying every night that I wouldn't wake up the next morning - how serious my search really was I'm not sure, because I was also looking at depression help web sites too.

That's when I came across THE LEARNING PATH and NATURAL DEPRESSION TREATMENT PROGRAMME - by the beginning of July I had joined your LIFE SAVING and LIFE SKILLS programme :-) :-) :-) AKA NATURAL DEPRESSION TREATMENT PROGRAMME.

The Learning Path intro made me feel as if this programme was going to be *doable*. By September I was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel whereas before I couldn't even see the tunnel :-)

By October I was flying a kite :-) :-)

As of today Thurs 26th Nov 2015 - I LOVE LIFE - I LOVE MY LIFE - :-) :-) :-) (I don't recall EVER saying or feeling like that in my entire adult life) even though it STILL has most of the hassles it had in July.

Can I ask you a question Mark ? - well I'm going to anyway so there... ;-) How does it feel to read such statements as mine - because I'm sure you must get hundreds if not thousands ? You and your team are responsible for SAVING LIVES and TEACHING TRUE LIFE SKILLS. So you and your team provide the treatment - the support and life long aftercare for sooooooo many previously depressed and *broken* people, quite simply IMHO you are all ANGEL.

If I could just add - I have been an elderly persons care warden for 25yrs with my local council - I was made redundant 7 yrs ago - now I'm just an office cleaner part time (for my sins lol) So I would say I've always had a *caring* nature and part of my previous unhappiness was not *feeling* useful or serving a purpose - I made my family the centre of my world (which I now know can hurt - if you pin ALL your happiness on one person) So a couple of weeks ago I got involved with my local RUCKSACK APPEAL - help for the homeless - and I'm in the process of making up at least 4 fully packed rucksacks to give to some homeless people in my area - I won't feel like I've done nearly enough but it's a start and and why do it JUST at Christmas time, there doesn't need to be a special time of the year. I've always believed that *giving* is its own reward and "it's better to give than to receive" - errrrmmmm oh yes Christmas is coming - Ahhh well yes 99% of the time ... it's better to give than to receive ;-)

I'm sorry I've waffled on a fair bit - but I couldn't thank you and your team enough nor sing your praises too highly.


Sincere and Heartfelt Gratitude Always

(Jean very kindly sent two of our awesome support team members, Rebekah and Kirstin, a beautiful thank you card!)

Jean's thank you card

This story came from Jean Lesley Corbett, South Yorkshire, England

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