Thank you all for saving my life and giving me the skills to truely love my life - for the 1st time in my life

After going through the last session and the conclusion I feel a little... pensive... but as you say I can always re-visit the whole course again smiley

I think I can sum up what you and your excellent team have given me quite openly and totally honestly. September 2014 - I was in the depths of depression (the worst I had experienced in my 27 or so years of intermittent bouts of it) but this time my anxiety levels went through the roof - family stuff going haywire - empty nest *syndrome* - work worries - general health concerns - I felt like a sponge and unable to absorb anymore hassle.

By June 2015 I'm ashamed to say I was actively looking into ways of killing myself - and praying every night that I wouldn't wake up the next morning - how serious my search really was I'm not sure, because I was also looking at depression help web sites too.

That's when I came across THE LEARNING PATH and NATURAL DEPRESSION TREATMENT PROGRAMME - by the beginning of July I had joined your LIFE SAVING and LIFE SKILLS programme smileysmileysmileyAKA NATURAL DEPRESSION TREATMENT PROGRAMME.

The Learning Path intro made me feel as if this programme was going to be *doable*. By September I was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel whereas before I couldn't even see the tunnel smiley

By October I was flying a kite smileysmiley

As of today Thurs 26th Nov 2015 - I LOVE LIFE - I LOVE MY LIFE - smileysmileysmiley (I don't recall EVER saying or feeling like that in my entire adult life) even though it STILL has most of the hassles it had in July.

Can I ask you a question Mark ? - well I'm going to anyway so there ... stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye How does it feel to read such statements as mine - because I'm sure you must get hundreds if not thousands ? You and your team are responsible for SAVING LIVES and TEACHING TRUE LIFE SKILLS. So you and your team provide the treatment - the support and life long aftercare for sooooooo many previously depressed and *broken* people, quite simply IMHO you are all angelangelangel

If I could just add - I have been an elderly persons care warden for 25yrs with my local council - I was made redundant 7 yrs ago - now I'm just an office cleaner part time (for my sins lol) So I would say I've always had a *caring* nature and part of my previous unhappiness was not *feeling* useful or serving a purpose - I made my family the centre of my world (which I now know can hurt - if you pin ALL your happiness on one person) So a couple of weeks ago I got involved with my local RUCKSACK APPEAL - help for the homeless - and I'm in the process of making up at least 4 fully packed rucksacks to give to some homeless people in my area - I won't feel like I've done nearly enough but it's a start and and why do it JUST at Christmas time, there doesn't need to be a special time of the year. I've always believed that *giving* is its own reward and "it's better to give than to receive" - errrrmmmm oh yes Christmas is coming - Ahhh well yes 99% of the time ... it's better to give than to receive - stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

I'm sorry I've waffled on a fair bit - but I couldn't thank you and your team enough nor sing your praises too highly.


Sincere and Heartfelt Gratitude Always kissing_heart"

(Jean very kindly sent two of our awesome support team members, Rebekah and Kirstin, a beautiful thank you card!)

Jean's thank you card

This story came from Jean Lesley Corbett, South Yorkshire, England

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