"Thank you for the Learning path series"

"Thank you for the Learning path series. They have been interesting and informative. I have shared them with a group of people in Australia who are all in various stages of depression and in need of help.

One disadvantage is that CBT and similar programmes are in short supply here and rarely free. Short - very short - counselling is the norm, often given by people who are not well trained in such techniques. We do have an excellent health service, which is free to everyone but mental health is not well funded and treatment is in limited supply. Very good to excellent treatment courses are available but unaffordable to most people. A counselling session costs, on average $120 and, even with private health insurance the refunds are minimal and limited. CBT courses are costly and take limited numbers.

So we struggle on, usually with medication as the first and last option. Sites such as yours do encourage people to think differently as to how they can seek change and help themselves - not easy when in the midst of depression - but it is slow work.

Thank you for sharing your skills and for an excellent site."

This story came from Alice, Sydney, Australia

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