"Thank you so much for putting up this site."

"Thank you so much for putting up this site. The information you give is so sincere and not trying to sell any drugs or programs or whatever. I've suffered from depression on and off my whole life. I've had psychotherapy, which did help in many aspects of my life, but this depression kept coming back. I am in homeopathy sequential therapy and that is helping, but I was told by my second therapist, that I always bounce back, but, I'd rather not be a bouncing ball anymore. I believe your site has given me a way out of this current bout of depression and hope for the future, which I was losing. I am 62 years old, I would like to not have to go through depressive stages anymore. Keep up the good work, it is sorely needed."

This story came from Ghisèle, Lafontaine, Canada

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