"thanks for this site - the explanations are superb"

"I've been through the mill a bit over the past year - went to the doctor re. depression, diagnosed as clinical (reactive) depression, and suggested that I try counselling before going on Prozac; counselling turned out to be "person-centred" and after three painful sessions I decided that this wasn't working, but as I didn't want to go on Prozac, I kind of drifted along a bit, leading to a reoccurance of a workplace issue."

"I've found your site and now finally understand that the counselling was all wrong, and I'm not unusual in finding that it made matters worse. So I'm off to find a CBT- style counsellor in this area and hopefully get my head straight."

"So thanks for this site - the explanations are superb, and I'd highly recommend it."

This story came from Keith, Glasgow, Scotland

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