"you knew exactly what I was suffering"

"Dear Kirstin, Mark, Roger and all the team at UNK,
I stumbled across your company at the beginning of 2011 when I was suffering my 3rd major depressive episode in 13 years."

"I just didn't know if I had the spirit to climb my way out of the black depths one more time - I was in fact completely despairing and suicidal. How I found you, I can't remember, but I thank the heavens I did."

"I was already taking fluoxetine (my dose didn't alter) and started to visit a psychologist every 2 weeks. And while she just "didn't get" depression and anxiety - she was helpful in other ways. I read your free on-line course and immediately recognized you knew exactly what I was suffering."

"It was such a relief.
A glimpse of hope."

"I purchased your Depression Program and found it absolutely wonderful."

"I was in such a fragile state when I started and I loved that the programme recognized that and gently led me forward. I CRAWLED through the programme - I fell asleep everytime I listened to one of your mp3 files in the beginning."

"But it didn't feel like a struggle - it felt like being gently led toward the light."

"I have sung your praises to anyone who will listen and you have helped many of my friends through many different trials in their lives."

"How does it feel to bring hope to so many people??? - what a great gift you bring to the world!"

This story came from Letitia, Australia

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