"Your Learning Path Guide has helped me and my husband"

"Many Thanks!! Your Learning Path Guide has helped me and my husband to understand so much more about Depression, and all the ways to work on becoming free of PILLS. Just the understanding of the so-called disease makes one feel more secure and gives a good future outlook. My husband and I spent many hours going over every page together and then talked a lot of what we had just read, sometimes we agreed and sometimes we didn't but I felt that was also a help. Your info has made me feel so much better, the understanding of depression, almost gives me a freedom feeling now, NO fear of depression and know I can lead a normal life as well as the next person. Your many pages will always be near me to rely on, my little Bible.

There is so much info in the Learning Path to learn and cannot be absorbed all at once, so I, to start, chose one which was important to me and that was the Thinking Patterns. I work at this everyday and really it is not that difficult and feel I am succeeding, therefore those crazy dreams are disappearing and come morning I feel much more refreshed and ready to tackle the day. I still have a way to go but with your help I "AM" getting there. After I have accomplished this I will go on to something else. This Learning Path is an on-going procedure and take one day at a time, one section at a time, have faith and it does work and I am an example of slowly beating it!!

Once again I want to thank you, your work is so important to many people and with some hard work we can BEAT IT!!!"

This story came from Genevieve, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

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