Antidepressants - Venlafaxine Withdrawal

Neuroleptic Nightmare
by Malcolm Hulatt

Depression Poems

The depression poems written by Malcolm Hulatt resulted from helping his wife Carolyn through her depression and withdrawal from Venlafaxine. Malcolm found that writing poems about depression helped him cope with seeing his wife go through such a terrible experience and he has shown that depression poetry doesn't have to be depressing!

The following is a review of Malcolm's book of depression poetry:

"Dark Times and Lighter Moments"

by Malcolm Hulatt

Dark Times and Lighter Moments, is Malcolm Hulatt’s first published book of poetry. Written simply, without ego or artistic complication it comments on and observes situations that many people experience.

From the despairing times during his wife’s severe depression to the humorous comments about the ‘kiss or not kiss’ dilemma we face in England; he captures a raw compassion and honest insights that everyone will be able to identify with.

Neuroleptic Nightmare and Heavy Heart convey the roller coaster ride of desolation and fragile hope that embraces anyone living with a deeply depressed person; but What’s Good For You will surely bring a smile to anyone who likes to see the lighter side of taking life too seriously.

Poetry about depression and its effects that is accessible and highly rewarding.

You can read examples and buy the book here.