Clinical Depression - Visitor Comments

Someone is winning the battle right now

Even as you read this someone in the next street, the next town or a half way around the world is beating depression. Thousands upon thousands of people letting go and becoming free. You could be next.

Today is the day you take the first step on our Learning Path or using our powerful depression-beating program.

We only ask one thing - that you come back and tell us about it... just like these people told us about the Depression Learning Path.


"I would like to express my appreciation for this site."

"I would like to express my appreciation for this site. Although I am not in the UK I did receive this site from someone who is. I have found a lot of support and help using the information and have begun therapy/counselling sessions that I feel are a success to the outlines of the Learning Path. I hope that your site will become more widespread...


"Thank you for such a comprehensive learning aid on depression!"

"I very much appreciate the current, practical info your well-developed site had to offer. It is literally a turning point for me in overcoming the depression I have struggled with for some time. Thank you for such a comprehensive learning aid on depression!"


"Thank you so much for putting up this site."

"Thank you so much for putting up this site. The information you give is so sincere and not trying to sell any drugs or programs or whatever. I've suffered from depression on and off my whole life. I've had psychotherapy, which did help in many aspects of my life, but this depression kept coming back. I am in homeopathy sequential therapy and that...


"he clearest and most useful information I have read about depression"

"I have been though the whole website and I think it is probably the clearest and most useful information I have read about depression- so thank you!"


"Your website is really excellent"

"Your website is really excellent clear, logical, easy to read and understand. Simply reading it enormously increases one’s sense of empowerment and ability to deal with problems. The emphasis on alternatives to antidepressant drugs was especially valuable. I will be forwarding a link to your site to a couple of people I know who have themselves...


"going through your learning path is the first step of me beating this thing once and for all."

I am 20 years old and have been suffering from depression for 4 years since the death of various loved ones including my Dad. At the moment my depression seems to have worsened so I decided to look on the Internet for help. I came across your website on Google search engine and I am so glad I did. I went through the learning path and my...


"I'm very happy"

"HI! I'm Very happy to have found your HELPFUL, ENCOURAGING website today (referenced in a post on depression forum)--have printed out the Learning Path so that I can take time to read through it carefully, what I've read so far makes a lot of sense. Your "path" is easy to follow & comprehend, you've done an amazing job of down-...


"It was quite an experience."

"Hello I've just spent the last hour? (I lost track of time) on the path. It was quite an experience. I have had clinical depression for about 10 years now, but with many other earlier periods, which I realised later were bouts of depression. What (I'll call it the LP) the LP has given me is a much better understanding of the totality of...


"Just to say thanks and what an excellent site the learning path is."

"Just to say thanks and what an excellent site the learning path is. I’m only starting out on what I hope won’t be a long and winding road to "recovery" (word not chosen too carefully) and I do feel more confident in how I can go about the next step because of what I read on the site. Thanks again."


"Many thanks for putting this site together"

"I have just stumbled across your site and felt I needed to write to you. My wife has, for some time suffered from depression to the point of considering suicide a couple of years ago. She has undergone counselling, taken courses of antidepressants, had long spells off work etc. etc. etc. Things would seem to be almost OK for a while then she...