Clinical Depression - Visitor Comments

Someone is winning the battle right now

Even as you read this someone in the next street, the next town or a half way around the world is beating depression. Thousands upon thousands of people letting go and becoming free. You could be next.

Today is the day you take the first step on our Learning Path or using our powerful depression-beating program.

We only ask one thing - that you come back and tell us about it... just like these people told us about the Depression Learning Path.


"thank you for putting out such a great wealth of information"

"Reading the Learning path has really helped me to understand my depression to a degree I was unaware and it is written in a perfect format that is very simple to understand."


"I really do believe you've changed my life."

"I couldn't stop reading. The information was so clear and to the point. It made sense and it made me feel as if my feelings are valid. Your "self-help" information was great. Everything was consistent and well thought out."


"This is one of the best, most informative and well-rounded sites I have so far encountered."

"You have done full justice to different areas of relevance-therapy, medication. And incorporated latest findings on these - from the pros and cons of medications (especially their lack of effectiveness on a long term basis) and a clear way of assessing therapy."


"I have completed your stunning Learning Path"

"I have completed your stunning Learning Path, which I learned a great deal from - and I thought I knew a lot about clinical depression already!"


"thanks for this site - the explanations are superb"

"I've been through the mill a bit over the past year - went to the doctor re. depression, diagnosed as clinical (reactive) depression, and suggested that I try counselling before going on Prozac..."