Clinical Depression - Visitor Comments

Someone is winning the battle right now

Even as you read this someone in the next street, the next town or a half way around the world is beating depression. Thousands upon thousands of people letting go and becoming free. You could be next.

Today is the day you take the first step on our Learning Path or using our powerful depression-beating program.

We only ask one thing - that you come back and tell us about it... just like these people told us about the Depression Learning Path.


"I now feel I have a real positive tool to help myself and others too."

After reading the section on depression and self-help techniques, I now feel I have a real positive tool to help myself and others too.


"I feel very hopeful thinking about the future"

You have probably saved a life and keep doing what you are doing. It's obviously working.


"You have my deepest respect and eternal gratitude."

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, and this is even more heart-felt, for your clinical depression learning path...


"This is the best information that I have seen"

"I will let all the people I spoke with learn about this website, so they may pass it on to all of the people they will encounter in the future."


"you knew exactly what I was suffering"

"I have sung your praises to anyone who will listen and you have helped many of my friends through many different trials in their lives."


"Thank you for the Learning path series"

"They have been interesting and informative. I have shared them with a group of people in Australia who are all in various stages of depression and in need of help."


"Your Learning Path Guide has helped me and my husband"

"Your info has made me feel so much better, the understanding of depression, almost gives me a freedom feeling now, NO fear of depression and know I can lead a normal life as well as the next person. Your many pages will always be near me to rely on, my little Bible."


"I would like to thank you for this web page"

I am depressive and I have read your web page with great interest. Just by having learned what depression is and how it can be tackled has improved my situation. At this point I would like to thank you for this web page. Thank you very much."


"I found exactly what I was looking for"

"Just wanted to say "Thanks" for posting this site. I found exactly what I was looking for - validation that what I thought I should be getting out of therapy was correct. For the longest time I have been getting the same old "let's look into your past" kind of thing where they won't let you forget. Now I know that the kind of therapy I have been...


"It has made me feel hopeful for my future"

"I was put on a course of Prozac last September and felt much better. I came off it under my own steam in April but have been increasingly feeling that I need to address the problem of feeling so low and tired again. Whilst looking up depression on the web I came across this fantastic site. It has made me feel hopeful for my future and able to...